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New Mini Crin/Cyberlox & SFX Hair Dye colors + FREE items! Apr. 22nd, 2009 @ 04:14 pm

New items added to our store on cypherlox.com:

Special Effects Hair Dye:
-Our Special Effects hair dye comes in over 20 colors!
-It is a VEGAN product, and animal friendly!
-Some colors even glow under black light!!

Tubular Crin / Cyberlox Wholesale Discounts:
1-4 bags - $13.99 reg. price
5-9 bags - $11.99 each
10-19 bags - $10.99 each
20+ bags - $9.99 each
If your order is over $1,000 USD please contact me for an even greater discount.

We ship worldwide!

Click below to get coupons for FREE SFX Hair Dye, Hair Streaks, and more!

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Feb. 22nd, 2009 @ 06:20 am
Dread falls starting at 85.00 (NOTE all dreads and single ended if you would like double ended dreads there more)

Price guide and some of my work under the cut :)

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Dec. 18th, 2008 @ 11:42 am
We're all finished moving to California and to get back into the swing of things, we've added tons of new products!

*GIANT* 30mm diamater hair bobbles are now available in the Hair Accessories section and strawberry link bracelets are back in stock on the Jewelry page.

The biggest addition, though, is our new line of kanekalon jumbo braid colors available on the Braiding Hair page!! We've currently got turquoise, aqua, light purple, medium purple, and purple available, but you can look forward to more new shades in the coming months.

And last but not least, make sure to visit the Weaving Hair page for some brand new 10-12" ECW colors like fuchsia and purple as well as restocks on the 14-16" hair in pink.


Check back later for LED light rings, goggles, clip-in hair bows, revamped hair goody grab bags, and more! We're planning to expand the catalog quite a bit in January 2009 :)

New items @ CypherLOX.com! Get your custom falls/extensions by Christmas! Nov. 16th, 2008 @ 11:40 pm
Check out our new items at CypherLOX.com!

Go to cypherlox.com, and mouse over "The Lox Shop Online Store" to purchase these new items!

Need Falls or Extensions by Christmas?

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HUGE AUTUMN SALE Nov. 2nd, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

Also goggles were supposed to be part of this sale - but we're having some problems with the supplier, and are still waiting the stock that were ordered back in September. :(
When/if they arrive, Goggles will be discounted -15%
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» NEW CYBERLOX COLORS - Now available at I Kick Shins!
I just got in a shipment of four brand new cyberlox colors, plus a few re-stocks on stuff that's been on backorder for a while :)

All of the new colors are large size and are available in 5 and 10 yard bags.

The restocks on dark red metallic and orange criss-cross are both for 5 and 10 yard bags. The white criss-cross is only available in 5 yard bags right now.

Want to order the new crin? Then visit the Cyberlox/Crin page at IKickShins.Net!

» I Kick Shins is now on Etsy!
Buy Handmade

» (No Subject)
how do you make 3 color tradishional dreads?
» (No Subject)

Now available on the Streaks/Fringes, Braiding Hair, Weaving Hair, and Cyberlox/Crin pages at IKICKSHINS.NET!

We've just added a ton of new products to our catalog, and reduced the price of silky curls by almost 40%!
*Synthetic Weaving Hair in unnatural colors*
*"Clip Strips" streaks on the Streaks/Fringes page*
*New FLAT Cyberlox/Crin in over 20 colors*
*Tape curls Braiding Hair just added, plus the price of silky curls has been reduced from $10.00 per bag to only $5.75!*

And don't forget to check out the Direct Sale page for pre-made dreads, braids, twists, loose falls, cyberlox, and silky curls. We're adding at LEAST two new items each week from now until November!

» (No Subject)
Over the past few weeks, we've added tons of new items to the DIRECT SALE page at I Kick Shins and are adding at least two new sets of falls each week!

As of right now, there are:
*18 Pairs of Solid, Striped, and Tipped Clip-In Streaks*
*Five Sets of CYBERLOX Falls*
*Four Pairs of Long DREAD FALLS*
*Six Pairs of Twist Falls -- Two With Dread Accents!*
*Two Pairs of Braid Falls*
*Plus Lots of Mixed-Media, Loose, Silky Curls, and a One-Of-A-Kind Dread Wig!*

Now Available on the DIRECT SALE Page at I Kick Shins!

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